benpac holding ag is founded on a ‘one-stop shop’ corporate strategy. The Group brings together leading companies from the packaging sector, enabling it to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to each customer and meeting all modern packaging requirements. The Group provides its services in an efficient, customer-friendly and quality-oriented way from start to finish, thanks to its carefully considered group structure including mechanical engineering and injection molding companies, printing machine manufacturers, engineering firms and more.

To give just one example, our companies offer innovative, complete solutions for aluminum cans. This means all planning and execution processes are completed internally – from the plant that manufactures the cans, to imprinting and filling as well as equipment and packaging. We take the same approach to PET bottles, joining all the dots from preform injection molding and blow molding the bottles, right down to filling and labeling them. We are continually expanding our skills and expertise. For example, most recently we began offering label printing services.

With the Group’s unparalleled depth of expertise and optimum composition all under one roof, benpac holding ag is a highly experienced partner for all packaging needs.

The story of benpac holding ag takes us back to 1996. It all began when company founder and owner Marco Corvi started the business in his parents’ garage. Strong-willed, persevering, and experienced in taking on and overcoming challenges, Marco Corvi has worked toward one goal over the past 24 years: To find modern, needs-oriented packaging solutions that get customers’ attention, and to build up a group of companies that achieves the broadest possible added value through its combined expertise.

benpac holding ag in figures:

  • Number of companies:

    38 worldwide

  • Number of employees:


  • Turnover / year:

    CHF 750 million

  • Privately owned