benpac is back in the plastic bottle business through its Canadian subsidiary, benpac packaging Canada ltd.

After some mishaps by the former management, benpac has now taken over and returned to the plastic bottle business in Canada. Thus, now, the Amsler PET bottle blow molding machines will be operated as the “Amsler” brand under the umbrella of benpac packaging Canada ltd.

Furthermore, During the 1st quarter of 2023, machines will be manufactured again in North America, and in July 2023, benpac packaging Canada ltd. will present a completely revised PET bottle stretching machine, which will not only take the latest energy standards into account but will also offer numerous features for optimal use, such as quality assurance standards and ERP System connections.

It has been shown that the past machines have not been revised for years and have remained technologically stagnant. As benpac believes in innovation, the newly created benpac packaging Canada ltd. aims to improve and enhance the technology and optimize the processes. Hence, after performing research and development on the multiple customer complaints regarding the use of different machines for 3 and 4 cavities, benpac is proud to announce that the new machines will be technologically advanced and fully capable of eliminating the troubles. That being said, the existing machines will, of course, continue to be looked after and the service, including spare parts, will continue to be guaranteed.

Lastly, we are happy to announce that, at the beginning of 2023, benpac packaging Canada ltd. will be moving into a new headquarter in the Hamilton region, Ontario, Canada. Also, the sales and service departments have been filled with new employees who will bring decades of experience in sales and technology with them.

We are looking forward to sharing more about this with you over the coming months.

benpac packaging Canada ltd. is pleased to be able to continue to serve and support the large clientele, those who have remained loyal even during the difficult phase.