Blow molding sector packs in pandemic-relief sales

Ms. Kavanaugh from recently wrote an exciting article about the blow molding sector and how the industry has adapted to the increased demand for many different and new types of containers with the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We would like to summarize the most relevant statements in which our subsidiary W. Amsler Equipment Inc. in Bolton, Ontario, is mentioned in this document. Amsler is a manufacturer of all-electric linear PET stretch blow molding equipment.

Sales blow up

CEO Bruce Coxhead mentioned in the interview, that Amsler is closing out a successful COVID-19 year. Amsler doubled sales in 2020 and is feeling just as optimistic about next year. Coxhead expects double sales again in the coming year 2021.

Customers are also responding positively to the new design of the machines. Amsler has improved its machine designs with new controls and better energy consumption. The new machines allow Amsler to reduce costs and to reduce energy consumption by about 40 percent compared to the existing design.

Amsler has been running 24/7 for the last couple of months. The company will move into a new technical center in Bolton next year, where Amsler can jump into new products.

Market trends

Coxhead expects hot-fill PET will gain in popularity. He sees a lot of growth in the single-serve PET for milk, vodkas, rums, other party drinks, craft beers and wine. Amsler also has four cannabis packaging projects underway.

Article by Catherine Kavanaugh from December 15th, 2020.

The full article can be viewed for a fee here.