Our commitment to sports and culture

benpac is committed to sports and cultural projects that have a nationwide impact. With our long-term partnerships and various commitments in the fields of sports, culture and business, we aim to provide added value for our customers, employees and society at large.

The promotion of sports for children and young people is a topic that is dear to our hearts. Team sports such as handball can be very effective in getting them curious about and interested in athletic activities. This both promotes physical performance and thus health, and also gets children and young people involved in a worthwhile recreational activity.

Our mission is to excite and inspire. This is why we support cultural events and those who work in the cultural sector. The work we do in this area is aimed at a broad audience interested in culture, as well as at schools, associations and artists. Our activities range from our own (which include larger cultural projects), to the support of third-party projects, to providing grants and funding for cultural workers.


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