With the opening of a manufacturing, development, and innovation center for the metal packaging sector in early 2023

benpac is strengthening and expanding its position in the metal packaging industry. The Ettlingen site will thus play an important role regionally and globally.

benpac is happy to have found employees with many years of experience in metal packaging. In addition, benpac was able to offer a future to a large number of employees of the insolvent company GPA in neighboring Bietigheim.

At the new location in Ettlingen, the systems of the Metal Packaging division are now developed, manufactured, and assembled. benpac also supplies customers in Europe with spare parts and all services from this location. This means that customers are now served regionally, and therefore promptly, and no longer have to wait for delayed reactions from Thailand. Customer service can thus be provided within hours. The group-internal communication between Ettlingen and Rayong works excellently, which ensures the technological exchange. Rayong now also benefits from the knowledge that the new employees bring with them.

From 2024, the European manufacturing hub will also be set up in Ettlingen, from which all mechanical production parts and control elements required locally within the group will be manufactured. In this way, benpac will guarantee its European customers and Group companies a regional supply with short distances. This model hub will also be mirrored at the Rayong/Thailand and Johnstown/USA locations in 2025 and 2026. This strategy of three supply hubs, Asia/Europe/America, is part of the regional business hubs.